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Career transitions can be exciting as well as scary.  It may be your choice or the change may be forced upon you.  Coaching gives you the space and to expand and explore your options and identify next steps.  Coaching helps you achieve your goals. Discover new ideas and develop options to deliver business goals, reach your personal objectives, overcome your challenges or make sense of where you are and where you want to be. Create action plans and steps to move forwards and achieve your goals. 

I specialise in Transition Coaching:  

• leaders at all levels who have recently been promoted or hired into a more senior role be more effective more quickly  

• career coaching for those who want to focus on, plan and manage their career, are at a crossroads, or who are considering a career change or for those re-entering the workplace.

The coaching I do is non-directive - you set the agenda about what to discuss and you come up with ideas and actions.  Expect to be asked questions, offered feedback as well as support and challenge to help you be clear about what you want to work towards or achieve or change.  

I also offer:

  • Executive coaching: achieve your goals and be the leader you want to be.
  • Coach supervision for new and experienced coaches

Coaching can be done in person, on the phone or using Skype.


Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers: create a high performing team to give you time to step away from the detail and step up to being a strategic leader. Add to your toolkit by understanding what it means to use a coaching style.  A highly practical course which will enable you to help your team members reach their potential and give their best.

Executive Coach Training: develop your talent and leaders

Mentoring workshops: learn how to give and get the best from mentoring as a mentor or mentee 

All courses as highly practical  with the aim of helping you identify how you can usefully put the skills into practice in your daily (working) life and take the learning out of the classroom or webinar.


Mentoring and buddying scheme consultancy: how to set up and run your own internal scheme to help develop new starters, staff, talent and leaders.   See tips on the Tools & Downloads page, as well as guidelines for great mentors and great mentees.  See my blog about finding your own mentor on the Trusted Coach Directory website

Coaching and training testimonials

Leadership & personal development

Courses, workshops, webinars and one-to-one sessions are interactive and very practical. Examples of subjects:     

Leadership and management: Introduction to management; Appraisals the right way; Giving feedback; Managing performance; Managing change; Developing your team; Managing dispersed teams;  Delegating; Managing meetings; Running virtual meetings       

Personal Development: Managing upwards; Managing your career; Time management with a difference; How to get the best from appraisals.