Link & Learn


The networking and training event for business people.

Link & Learn open events ran from May to December 2018.   They are temporarily on hold. 

If you wish to enquire about running Link & Learn events within your company as an internal event for your employees as a one-off or regular networking/learning opportunity please do get in touch to discuss details.  The Link & Learn bite-size format is ideally suited to run in-house and on-site.  Regularly bringing employees together from different departments and teams helps to build relationships, collaboration, understanding and to break down barriers and silos.   The Link & Learn format can be tailored to the needs of the company. 

Read more below about the original thinking behind Link & Learn events.  

Sometimes working for yourself or in a small business can be lonely - Link & Learn provides an opportunity to network and learn together in a collaborative environment.

Link & Learn combines networking and training in one event. The monthly 2 hour events are aimed at those who often have limited time and money to focus on their own learning and development - sole traders, small and medium sized business owners and their staff.  Events are held on the second Tuesday of each month and take place in The Ash Centre, Ash Hill Road GU12 5DP. 


Invest in the development of your staff by giving them the opportunity to attend Link & Learn. Benefits include a more productive and efficient employee who feels valued and motivated. Link & Learn helps to create the conditions for your staff to be their best and give their best. 

The 30 minute Link session is a structured networking event.  

Each 90 minute Learn session covers a business, leadership or personal development topic. There is plenty of time to discuss and share ideas.

In April, August and December the Link & Learn events are replaced by one-to-one Coaching sessions of 90 minutes each.

Bookings can be made on Eventbrite.  For event specific link please see Current Schedule.

You can see a short film about Link & Learn here.  Film credit: Tino Da Silva,  Business First TV.  

Schedule 2018

May pilot:  Link & Learn: Time Management 0900 - 1100  FREE

June: Link & Learn: Making Decisions

July: Link & Learn - Doing things in the right order - Prioritising 

August: Coaching sessions

September: Link & Learn - Managing Business Relationships

October: Link & Learn  - Mindfulness 

November: Link & Learn -Search Engine Optimisation with Cody Colville

December: Coaching sessions

Book your place in advance on Eventbrite.  

Tea and coffee available from 0915 for a prompt 0930 start.

What people say:

  • An excellent morning combining meaningful networking and a chance to learn about a business topic.  KE Farnham
  • A brilliant space to focus on good habits and re-energise with other business owners.  Photographer Fleet
  • I enjoyed the collaborative atmosphere which was facilitated really well by Jane.  Anne Hampshire


How long are the events? The Link & Learn events run for 2 hours each.  They are made up of a Link (networking) session of 30 minutes and a Learn (training) session of 90 minutes. Sessions are designed for up to 25 people.  Every fourth month the Link & Learn format is replaced by one-to-one Coaching sessions which will be 90 minutes each.  Coaching sessions are available from 0900 - 1630. 

What happens in the Link sessions?

The 30 minute structured networking session is an opportunity to share details of your business, recent successes/challenges and your ideal client.

What happens in the Learn sessions ?   

Each Learn session covers a business, leadership or personal development topic. Each Learn session focuses on one or two models or theories. The session will continue the opportunity to network and work with others. There will be time to discuss and debate the topic, share experiences and tips, learn from each other as well as practically apply the learning to you and your business.

How are the Learn topics chosen? The topics covered in the Learn sessions are ones that are important to business leaders, sole traders and their staff.  Jane draws on her own learning and development experience, her network and some of the latest research.  She also encourages Learn participants to suggest topics they would like to be covered in future sessions.  Expert guest trainers and speakers are invited to run some of the Learn sessions where appropriate.  

How to get the best out of the Learn session? Spend a few moments before the session thinking about you and your business in relation to the topic.  What is working?  What is not working?  What would you like to share with others?  What are your strengths and what do you need to develop?  What are your challenges?  What models and theories do you already know about?  The Learn sessions will be interactive and you will be encouraged to take part by sharing your story, comments and thoughts.  

How do the Coaching sessions work? The one-to-one confidential coaching sessions are 90 minutes each and run from 0900 - 1630.  They are for you to focus on a current topic of your choosing relating to you and your business.  Coaching is designed to help you create choices and possibilities to move forwards and identify actions to reach your personal and business goals.  All sessions are one-to-one and confidential.   

Link & Learn Coaching Sessions:

April, August, December

0900 - 1030 Session 1 

1100 - 1230   Session 2 

1300 - 1430  Session 3 

1500 - 1630  Session 4   

How often are the events held? The Link & Learn events are held on the morning of the second Tuesday of each month from 0930 - 1130.  Coaching sessions replace L&L events in April, August and December and  run from 0900 - 1630. 

Where are the events held?  Link & Learn is held in The Ash Centre, Ash Hill Rd, Ash, Aldershot GU12 5DP in the small hall.  Parking is available with an overflow car park 200 yards up Ash Hill Road at Coronation Gardens. The venue is fully accessible.  Ash Parish Council accepts no liability for any vehicles or their contents whilst on Ash Parish Council property.  

Is there any sort of membership? There is no membership and you and your staff can attend as many or as few of the events as you wish.  

In which months do the Link & Learn and Coaching sessions run? Link & Learn events run in January, February, March, May, June, July, September, October and November.  Link & Learn Coaching sessions run in April, August and December.    

How do I book?  Book via Eventbrite

How many people can attend? The Link & Learn events are designed for up to 25 people.  The coaching sessions are all one-to-one.  Book via Eventbrite to secure your place.

Will refreshments be provided?  Tea, coffee and water are provided from 0920 for a 0930 start.     

How much are the Link & Learn events?  £22.  

How much are the one-to-one Coaching Sessions? For Link & Learn regulars each Coaching session of 90 minutes is £90.    

How do I pay? Payment is made at the time of booking via Eventbrite.